2-7 Open-Face Chinese Poker

Regular (13 Card) Open Face Chinese Poker is a quick Chinese Poker variation in which players are dealt all 13 cards at once and have to form their hands immediately. In contrast to other Chinese poker variations, the Regular 13 card game only has a single deal round and is therefore played much faster.


The object of the game is to form the strongest hand, beat your opponents and collect the most points. The player with the most points wins the hand.

Game play

The players form a total of three poker hands from 13 cards – two from five cards, one from three cards – these should beat the opponents’ hands of the same type. The game can be played with different stakes per point, for example with € 0.10, € 1.00, € 5.00, € 100.00, etc.

The player to the left of the button acts first after the deal round. The remaining players act clockwise until the button is reached again. All players must complete a full round of the game. In the case of a online casino malaysia bonus hand, the button for the bonus hand remains in the same position. In this case, an extra hand is added for each bonus hand in that round.

Deal Rounds: All players are dealt 13 face down cards.

At the start, all players receive 13 face-down cards at once. Any card can be used in any of the three OFC hands. The standard Chinese Poker rules prescribe the following order: Bottom hand> Middle hand> Top hand, otherwise the hand is invalid. As soon as a player has positioned all cards and the round is over, the position of the cards within the bottom, middle or top hands may no longer be changed.


In Chinese poker games that use Fantasyland rules, players must use QQ or better on their top hand in order to avoid an invalid hand. The player then reaches the OFC bonus round, in which his opponents play according to the standard OFC rules, while the Fantasyland player receives 13 cards at once and can form his hands according to the rules of Chinese Poker.

In Fantasyland, the player’s cards remain invisible to their opponents until the end of the round. During the Fantasyland phase, players receive the regular bonus in hand. The player can obtain an extension from Fantasyland should they achieve a Chinese Poker Royalty.

Showdown and scoring

Below are the most common OFC point tables. Should this point allocation be changed for a specific game, you will find the valid table in the lobby.

Headshot scoring (most common):

  • Beat: +1 point
  • Surrender: +2 points
  • Scoop: +6 points
  • Foul: +6 points for each player who forms a valid hand

Scoring for the bottom hand:

  • Straight: +2 points
  • Flush: +4 points
  • Full House: +6 points
  • Quads: +10 points
  • Straight flush: +15 points
  • Royal flush: +25 points

Scoring for the middle hand (double points for the bottom hand):

  • Straight: +4 points
  • Flush: +8 points
  • Full house: +12 points
  • Quads: +20 points
  • Straight flush: +30 points
  • Royal flush: +50 points

Scoring for the top hand:

  • 66 +1 point
  • 77 +2 points
  • 88 +3 points
  • 99 +4 points
  • DD +5 points
  • YY +6 points
  • QQ +7 points
  • KK +8 points
  • AA +9 points
  • 222 +10 points
  • 333 +11 points
  • 444 +12 points
  • 555 +13 points
  • 666 +14 points
  • 777 +15 points
  • 888 +16 points
  • 999 +17


  • DDT +18 points • YYY +19 points
  • QQQ +20 points
  • KKK +21 points
  • AAA +22 points

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